About Us


Adam Levy, Managing Director, brings more than 25 years of business experience to help clients achieve their investment real estate goals as a NNN real estate broker. Our commercial real estate brokerage practices are specifically designed to produce results that exceed the expectations of our clients with the highest degree of professionalism.

Buyer Support

We have industry-leading access to available net lease investments nationwide. We complement that with expert analysis of the financial strength of the tenant, the lease structure, local market conditions and the sustainability of the rent levels over the life of the lease to help you balance the risk/reward trade-off of each investment option.


Investment Specialization

By dedicating all of our focus and resources to leased real estate investments we offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise.

Unparalleled Access to Opportunities

Our investment specialization and product focus result in relationships with more private investors, institutional investors and developers than any other source.

A Culture of Information Sharing

Our long-standing culture and practice of information sharing assures clients have the most complete access to information, buy-side opportunities and capital.

Technology Powered by Relationships

We have been a technology pioneer but unlike commodity Internet listing services, we supplement our proprietary tools with unparalleled investor relationships. We provide expert and unbiased advise to buyers, sellers and developers of commercial properties.

A Focus on Long-term Relationships

We provide expert transaction management services to ensure deals are executed flawlessly and we also look beyond the immediate transaction to foster long-term client relationships by providing full, complete and unbiased advice with a long-term view.

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